Australian National Modern Slavery Conference 2023

Carin Lavery and Warren Sainsbury from Telco Together Foundation at the Modern Slavery Conference

By Warren

Carin and I recently attended the Australian National Modern Slavery Conference, Taking Action Together. The conference brought together businesses, government, and civil society to discuss how to identify and address modern slavery in the supply chains of Australian businesses.

In his speech at the conference, The Hon Mark Dreyfus KC MP, Attorney-General of Australia, said:

“Combatting modern slavery is a challenge that requires steadfast commitment and collaboration. I am proud of the role Australia has played in preventing and disrupting this evil, a fact recently recognised by Australia maintaining its Tier One ranking in the US Government’s 2023 Trafficking in Persons Report. I reiterate the Government’s commitment to bolstering our efforts to tackle this abuse of human rights.”
Dreyfus also spoke about the importance of businesses taking steps to combat modern slavery in their supply chains. He said:

“There is always more to be done in tackling the scourge of modern slavery, here and abroad. More we can do to help and support victims and survivors. More we can do to ensure businesses are able to identify and address modern slavery risks in their supply chains. More we can do to support the work of civil society organisations, and to hold perpetrators to account.”

We were empowered to hear Dreyfus’s commitment to combating modern slavery. Industry Impact Hub encourages businesses to learn more about modern slavery and to take steps to combat it in their supply chains.

Read the full speech here

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