Member Spotlight: Corp Centre’s Impact Story

Peter Durning

In a recent conversation, we sat down with Peter Durning, Managing Director from Corp Centre, to uncover how their partnership with Telco Together Foundation (TTF) is driving tangible impact. Peter illustrates how getting involved can empower your organisation to embody its values and become an agent of real, meaningful change in your community.

Corp Centre is dedicated to community betterment and creating positive impact. Through their collaboration with TTF in both initiatives; Industry Impact Hub and Small Change Big Change, they’ve demonstrated that every organisation possesses the power to ignite positive change.

At Telco Together, our members believe in the strength of unity. By bringing telco providers together, we unlock boundless potential for collective impact and enable our members to work towards common objectives that benefit both communities and businesses alike. This allows value creation to extend beyond transactions, building genuine connections and trust within our communities by doing what we can where we can. Usually, it all begins with curiosity and an appetite to learn – how can we be a part of the solution?

Through involvement with TTF, telco providers can authentically showcase their commitment to social causes such as Domestic and Family Violence and building resilient young Australians to foster deeper bonds with their customers and communities with shared values.

Corp Centre’s story serves as a source of inspiration, illustrating that the impact of our actions is defined not by size, but by our purpose and intention. By simply “doing something, it doesn’t have to be huge,” as Peter says, such as starting a conversation with Telco Together about how to get involved, one will find that there are many simple ways to be involved in the movement that creates more opportunities to do and feel good.

Watch the conversation with Peter Durning and discover the potential of Telco Together Foundation’s membership.

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