Vocus at the Garden of Hope

Garden of Hope

The Garden of Hope is a remarkable place run by the Salvos in Perth. As part of the Bridge Program (formerly the Harry Hunter Centre), it provides almost 200 people every year with an opportunity to find freedom from substance addiction. As well as taking part in positive lifestyle classes, counselling and social activities, residents take part in work therapy through gardening and farming activities. The program connects the residents with nature, and gives them a sense of achievement and pride in their work.

Recently a group of Vocus employees spent a day at the Garden of Hope where they worked alongside the residents planting seedlings, harvesting fruit and vegetables, pruning trees, and sharing their stories. The feedback from the volunteers was overwhelmingly positive, with many hoping to return one day.

“The volunteer day was a humbling yet incredibly joyful experience. I was so inspired by the positivity, strength and openness of the residents.Thank you to everyone at the centre for your kindness and generosity to us on the day and for being so inspiring to others to embrace self-care, to persevere through hard times and always look forward.”

“This activity was probably just therapeutic for me as it was for the residents of the centre. Speaking to the residents and hearing their stories while helping to grow something living in utter serenity. I’d pay to do that.”

“It was a really rewarding experience -and great to meet such inspiring individuals. This experience was very heart warming and definitely an eye opening experience. I would definitely go back!”

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To find out about volunteering opportunities, please email Maria Simonelli.

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