Commander Reaches a Donation Milestone

Small Change Big Change

December 2018 marks a significant milestone for Commander, with more than $1.1 million raised for Telco Together to help Australians in need.

Since the partnership between Commander and Telco Together began in 2013, Commander staff and sales dealers have played an important role in supporting the foundation and making a significant impact in reducing the disadvantage still experienced by too many Australians.

Commander were the first member organisation to offer their annual dealership conference as a means to fundraise. The dealer conferences include a fundraising dinner, which have raised $870,000 over the past five years.

Commander also piloted the first telco driven on bill donation initiative. The Small Change Big Change initiative raises a small donation amount per customer (usually $1 per month) and over time these small donations accumulate to provide substantial funds for charity. With generous support from Commander customers, the pilot and subsequent rollout of Small Change Big Change has raised $285,000.

The Commander team and customers are making an enormous contribution, with 100% of the funds raised going directly to charities working to minimise homelessness, food insecurity, assist in youth mental health and increase the health outcomes of Indigenous communities.

Since the initial pilot, other telco member organisations have indicated interest in rolling out Small Change Big Change and Telco Together is excited about the potential for more customers to join the movement for charitable giving.

Find out more about Small Change Big Change or read about the role Commander and Vocus play in supporting Australian communities.

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