Commander Conference Raises $44,000 for Telco Together

Commander Partner Conference 2019

Fundraising Dinner


Last week Telco Together was once again the charity partner for the Commander Conference, attended by Commander staff and dealers from across Australia and the Philippines.

The fundraising dinner raised almost $44,000 for disadvantaged Australians, demonstrating the generosity of the attendees.

Renee Bowker, CEO Telco Together Foundation said, “This fantastic fundraising effort proves how generous small to medium business owners in Australia can be when given the opportunity to help. It is also a great example of how incorporating a charity element into a corporate sales event can infuse a strong sense of community, warmth, team spirit and excitement.”

Thanks to Commander, Acquire Business Outsourcing, Bartercard. Optus and Aria Technologies for donating prizes for the night.

Community Outreach Day


As part of the Commander Conference in Manila, Commander staff, dealers and conference sponsors participated in an outreach day, coordinated by Telco Together with Habitat for Humanity Philippines.

Habitat for Humanity Philippines is a non-profit organisation that builds sustainable communities by providing simple, affordable and decent homes by partnering with industry who assist with volunteer labour and donations. Habitat for Humanity International operates in nearly 90 countries, and has built over 350,000 houses providing more than 1.75 million people with affordable shelter.

The outreach activity was an excellent way for Commander to give back to the local community in Bistekville 1, Quezon City. Housing the largest number of informal settlers in the country, Quezon City has more than 200,000 families living in areas considered danger zones. Many of these families lost their homes due to floods and cyclones, and now live in patched-up houses made of salvaged materials. The Bistekville 1 site provides homes for teachers, professionals and their families who have struggled to regroup and get back on their feet. Commander worked alongside the local families to bring back a sense of pride by helping them to paint the houses.

Telco Together promotes community engagement by creating opportunities for our industry to work together to progress social outcomes.

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