Did you know that employees who are involved in employer-sponsored community activity are 30% more likely to continue working for that employer and help it be a success? (Towers Perrin Global Workforce Study 2007-2008)

Workplace giving is a simple and effective way for employees to donate to charity through automated payroll deductions.It’s the most cost-efficient way to give as it reduces administration costs for charities as they only process one donation from each employer. This allows more of your valuable contribution to reach the hands of those who need it most. Many employers choose to match donations, which greatly increases the impact.

Benefits for Employers
  • Immediate tax deduction for participating employees from their wage
  • Enhance organisational reputation, brand and social impact by clearly demonstrating the organisation’s values
  • Significantly strengthen employee recruitment, loyalty and retention levels whilst fostering a positive work and team culture
  • Simple to implement and compatible with most accounting software
Next Steps

Telco Together Member Organisations

If your workplace is one of Telco Together’s member organisations, we will work with you to set up your workplace giving program. We can also increase your impact by incorporating volunteering or skill-sharing sessions with your employees. Contact [email protected] to get started.


If your organisation is not a current Telco Together Member please feel free to contact [email protected] to arrange a meeting to discuss member benefits.

If your organisation is looking to implement Workplace Giving as a stand alone program, the ATO have a checklist you can follow to set up a program in your workplace.

For more information or to learn more
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