Information for ICT or telecommunications professionals

Do you know that many workplaces now provide 1-2 days volunteering leave? As an ICT or telecommunications specialist, your professional skills can make a huge difference to charities, which are often under-staffed and under-resourced.

Telco Together’s Skills Exchange events are ‘match-making’ events held in Melbourne and Sydney. They give charities an opportunity to pitch a small technological problem to a roomful of ICT specialists, who then use their volunteering leave to help solve the issue. These events offer a unique opportunity for volunteers to help charities solve relatively simple issues they are facing.

Some of the recent problems presented have included:

  • Cloud storage
  • Database management and data integrity
  • Website set up and maintenance
  • Google AdWords and Analytics
  • CRM systems, Salesforce
  • Donor management systems
  • Image digitisation
  • Cyber security…and more!

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