How to Donate

Text giving is as simple as sending a text. The following outlines the two simple steps required to donate via text;

Step 1


Text your chosen charity’s key word to the phone number provided in their campaign's call to action.

For example: text 'GIVE’ to Cancer Council's unique 19 phone number to donate $5 to support life saving cancer research.

Step 2


Your donation will be added to your mobile invoice or deducted from your prepaid credit or applicable bundle.

If your donation is successful, you will immediately receive a “thank you” SMS containing tax receipt information and a contact number for the charity, should you have any questions.



If the donation is NOT successful, (for example if a pre-paid customer does not have sufficient balance, or has PSMS barring), you may receive a “fail” text message. Text giving is also currently not available on Optus pre-paid services, therefore customers on these services will not currently receive a ‘fail’ message and will not be charged.

Donations will only be successful if PSMS is enabled on your mobile service, and if you have sufficient phone credit or an applicable charity top up.

For further information about donating via text to charities participating in this pilot, click here to watch our video, or click here to read our FAQs section for common questions and answers.