Participating Charities

This text giving pilot program allows for up to 16 charities to launch text giving campaigns until October 2016. Selected charities will run different campaigns at different times over the next 12 months, so when you get the urge to help, be sure to donate at your earliest convenience.

Charities have been issued a unique 10 digit phone number, starting with 19, to promote in their campaign messaging. They will also choose a keyword for donors to text to their 19 number, to supporting their campaign. For example, UNICEF are one of the first charities to launch a text giving campaign and are asking donors to text the word 'SAVE' to 1995 8888 to donate $5 to UNICEF and help provide life saving medicine to a child.  View current, recent and upcoming campaigns below;

 Current Text Giving Campaigns


Recent Text Giving Campaigns

   Click here to watch Salvation Army 
                        Christmas Appeal video

Click here to watch UNICEF video 



About Participating Charities

  • All participating charities have Deductible Gift Recipient Status, which means that donations are tax deductible and exempt from GST.

  • Participating charities were selected after reviewing over 100 submissions from Australian charities across the country, with the selected charities and campaigns incorporating a broad spread of causes and campaign types. 

  • Each charity will run select campaigns from now until October 2016, at different times throughout the year, with no more than three campaigns in market at the one time.