Vocus Help Out At The Salvo's Hamodava Cafe

Vocus Help Out At The Salvo's Hamodava Cafe

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Last Thursday, Telco Together facilitated a volunteering day for six Vocus Communications staff in Melbourne, who were keen to step out of their comfort zone and see what it's like to work for a charity for a day.

Our enthusiastic volunteers spent the day lending a hand during meal services at the Salvo's Hamodava Cafe in Melbourne CBD, which is a warm and welcoming community cafe providing free breakfast, lunch and hot drinks, as well as support to people from all walks of life, especially those living on the margins of society.

The team were tasked with preparing and delivering two meal services, breakfast and lunch, and carried out allocated responsibilities which ranged from back of house operations, meal preparation, delivery and cleaning up, as well as waiting on tables - taking orders and clearing tables.

The Homodava Cafe is visited by those who have experienced a lot of disadvantage during their life and our volunteers were warmed by this unique opportunity to give back through service, offering a restaurant dining experience that attendees would not otherwise experience very often.

Some of the feedback and comments about the day from our volunteers included;

"The joy of making a difference in a small way is incomparable to anything else! An absolutely fulfilling experience."

"Amazed at the great work done by the Salvation army! Happy to have contributed in a small way. Would recommend everyone to volunteer and try to make a difference."

"A confronting and rewarding experience that everyone should take up at least once in their life."

" It felt good to know that I had contributed to a good cause."

"My highlight for the day was just the fact that everyone had a smile on their face no matter what situation they were in."

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