We Made It! Our Climbers Reach Summit at 9:15am

We Made It! Our Climbers Reach Summit at 9:15am

Author: Admin/Monday, March 30, 2015/Categories: Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge, 2015 Climb Daily Update

At 9:15am Sunday morning, (around 4:15pm Melbourne & Sydney time), our Telco Together Kilimanjaro warriors reached Uhuru Peak at an altitude of 5,895m, raising almost $30,000 for Australians in need! Having vertically ascended over 1km in altitude throughout the night, the summit climb alone took over nine hours. 

Fortunately, on the way up, the snow eased and although extremely cold, the conditions had improved, and with the support of a thriving team spirit, the battle to the peak ensued. They were extremely elated to have achieved this amazing feat, having pushed all conceivable mental and physical limits multiple times to stand upon the icy peak of the world's tallest freestanding mountain.

As we all know, what goes up, must come down...so once the excitement of reaching the peak subsided, our climbers then realised the journey was still not over, and made their way back down... another 3-4 exhausting hours of slipping and sliding down snow, ice and gravel back to Horombo Camp, (a 2km altitude descent to 3,700m), where they were to have their best recuperative sleep, (or coma),  ever.

Unfortunately, one of our climbers didn't make it to the top because she was sick at School Hut (base camp). However, all 11 climbers are now re-united, safe and well.

Stay tuned for more, as our climbers rise in a few hours to continue the long descent back down from the mountain... another long day of hiking still lies ahead.

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