Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: I have been advised that I've been automatically subscribed to add $1 donation for Small Change Big Change from February 2017 and I do not wish to donate.

To stop the $1 donation being added to your phone bill, simply click here and complete the CANCEL DONATION online form or call 1300 456 322, (quoting your Commander account details)

Q: How do I add a donation to my Commander phone bill?

There are two simple ways for Commander customers to add a charitable donation of $1, $2 or $5;

1) Complete the 'Join Now’ form online and press submit
2) Call 1300 069 493 and tell Customer Service you would like to join the Small Change Big Change donation program.

You will require your Commander account details, so have them handy.

Q: Why is the donation amount $1?

The concept behind the Small Change Big Change initiative is based on the value that small change from a lot of people over time can make a big difference to people in need.  We also recognise that many customers already donate to their favourite and worthy causes and we want to encourage everyone to continue to do this.  

Q: How was the Small Change Big Change Initiative communicated to customers?

Each customer invited to donate was sent a letter and flyer, two emails and an SMS text to inform them of the initiative.A message was also added to the monthly bill to keep customers aware of the initiative.We want to ensure all customers know about this donation before it gets added and are given enough time to opt out of the initiative.

Q: Where does money raised /donations go?
100% of donations go to the Telco Together Foundation, a registered charity supporting Australians in need across areas such as homelessness, mental health, Indigenous communities and social inclusion.

Telco Together has selected charities as beneficiaries of donations. These charities were selected due to their adoption of a unique approach to addressing challenges within their respective areas, while maintaining high levels of integrity, management and financial transparency. The selected charities representing these causes are: SecondBite, ReachOut Australia and Red Dust Role Models, (see Causes Supported for more information).

Q: Is my donation tax-deductible? Can I get a tax-deductible receipt?

Individual donations of $2 or more are tax deductible, however $1 each month is not tax deductible. 
Please keep your Commander bill showing the $2 or $5 donation to ensure you can claim the tax deduction at tax time each year. For specific tax advice, you should speak to your accountant or other financial advisor/s.

Q: Will I be charged any additional fees on top of my monthly donation amount?

No, there are no additional processing fees for this donation.

Q: When will my donation be added to my phone bill?

If you have been advised of an automatic subscription to Small Change Big Change, there is a 45-60 day lead time from when you receive the notification (via letter, email and/or text) informing you, until the $1 donation will be added to your monthly invoice. This is to ensure you have plenty of time to cancel the donation, if you do not wish to donate.

Alternatively, if you have opted in to donate to Small Change Big Change, the amount you nominated to donate will be added to your next monthly bill from Commander. 

Q: Can I donate more than $1? 

If you are in a position to donate more than $1 on your monthly bill, it will go a long way to providing extra support to Australian's in need.  You can increase your monthly donation to $2 or $5 by entering your details here

Q: What if I want to stop donating, can I cancel my donation? How do I cancel?

You can easily cancel your monthly donation.
To stop the $1 donation being added to your phone bill, simply click here and complete the CANCEL DONATION online form or call 1300456 322, (quoting your Commander account details)

Q: How can I trust that my donation is going to a good cause?

The Telco Together Foundation is a registered charity that has been granted Deductible Gift Recipient 2 status, enabling donations over $2 to be tax deductible. The Foundation undergoes an annual audit by Deloitte Australia, and has its annual report available for download here.

The Foundation is governed by an independent Board of Directors overseeing areas of fiduciary responsibility such as risk management & compliance, financial management & reporting, investment strategies, and organisational performance.

For more information about our Board members please visit

Q: Can I opt for my donation to go to another charity? 

Not at this stage, all donations raised will go to the Telco Together Foundation for distribution to the causes mentioned.

Q: Do Commander keep a percentage of donations to cover administration costs?
No, Commander do not take any of the donated funds and are providing their staff time and administration costs associated with the billing aspects of the Small Change Big Change program at no cost to Telco Together.

If you have additional questions, please email and we will get back to you within two business days.

Q: How is Commander contributing to Small Change Big Change?

Commander,within Vocus Communications, is a donating Premium Member of the Telco Together Foundation*, (the charity that created Small Change Big Change) since the commencement of the Foundation in mid-2012.

They are also contributing to Small Change Big Change by covering all administration costs associated with delivering this national program.

In addition, Commander dealers and staff generously support the Telco Together Foundation through personal contributions as well as a Commander charity fundraising event, held annually for the past three years that has contributed over $500 000 in donations over the past 4 years.

Commander was inspired by the opportunity to use its unique position of having direct contact with Australians each month, (through monthly invoicing), to further promote charitable giving in Australia and volunteered to trial Small Change Big Change in 2015 with its customers to promote the idea of a little giving from a lot of people making a real difference to people in need.

*Premium Members make an annual donation of $50 000 or more to Telco Together.

Q: If I don’t have a Commander account, (I am not a Commander customer), can I still donate?

Commander is proud to be the first operator in Australia to champion the Small Change Big Change on-bill donation movement for its customers, so therefore if you do not have a Commander account unfortunately you cannot donate via your phone bill at this stage.

If you would like to make an ongoing larger donation to Telco Together Foundation, please visit and click ‘Donate Now’ to learn how. 

Q: Who is Telco Together Foundation and what role do they play in Small Change Big Change?

Small Change Big Change is a Telco Together initiative aimed at using the unique reach of the telecommunications industry in Australia to help promote greater charitable giving in Australia. Launched in July 2012, the Telco Together Foundation is a registered charity that brings together the telecommunications industry in support of Australian communities in need across areas such as homelessness, mental health, Indigenous health and social inclusion

The core focus of the Foundation’s work is the development of community projects that build on the technology, reach and capabilities of the telecommunications industry to support the community, as well as promoting fundraising, volunteering and workplace giving across the telco sector.
Members of the Foundation include Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, NBN Co., the M2 Group, iiNet, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent and 16 other ICT organisations. The Foundation is governed by an Advisory Board that has Executive Officer level representation from members. For more information, please visit our website

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