Australia is one of the most multicultural countries in the world – people come from over 200 different countries and speak over 300 different languages. It’s also a nation known worldwide for its sporting prowess in swimming, tennis, cricket and more.

Refugees are migrants admitted to Australia under the humanitarian program; people who are unable to live in their country of birth for reasons like war, famine and poverty. Migrants are those who have made a conscious choice to move countries to better their lives. Australia is home to refugees and migrants from all over the world.

The Facts

  • Just under half the Australian population has one or more parents born overseas.

  • The combined Non-English speaking market in Sydney & Melbourne is 3.4 million people - more than the entire combined populations of WA & SA.

  • The top four countries of origin for migrants are the UK, New Zealand, China & Italy.

  • The top four places of origin for humanitarian refugees are Asia, the Middle East, South-West Asia & Africa.

  • Over the next twenty years, 50% of Australia’s population growth will be driven by migrant & refugee community immigration.

Many challenges face families arriving in Australia: learning a new language, separation from family and community back home, cultural differences, socio-economic struggles, understanding new health, employment and education systems and more.