Telco Together supports Red Dust Role Models - a health promotion organisation that delivers innovative health promotion programs and community development projects in partnership with remote communities.

Red Dust Programs

Red Dust’s unique approach to achieving health outcomes involves partnering with communities to best target specific local needs – this is not a one size fits all approach. They encourage Indigenous youth to learn more about health by using channels they respond to such as sport, art, music and dance. 

Red Dust programs improve knowledge and skills of Indigenous youth, inspiring them to live a healthy lifestyle through the influence of positive role models. 

Healthy Living Program

Healthy Living is a school based health promotion program delivered through three stages of week-long visits to schools in remote communities.  

Role models from sport, music, and the arts play an important part in the delivery of Red Dust programs to educate, support and inspire young people in remote communities, using sport, art, music and dance to drive messages resulting in fun, interactive and inclusive classroom activities. 
Learning outcomes range from the recommended intake of fruit and vegetables to the definition and causes of common preventable diseases.
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Hey Sugar Video - Kintore, NT 2012 

Red Dust Alcohol Education & Community Liaison Program

The Alcohol education program consists of two key elements focused around improving knowledge and creating alternative pathways for young men living in and around Alice Springs town camps.

Education programs are delivered in schools, alcohol rehabilitation venues and during weekly men’s groups with the aim to lead to a reduction in excessive/harmful levels of alcohol consumption in this community. The second part of the program involves mentoring, support and referrals for vocational training opportunities for Indigenous young men. 

Click here for Red Dust's Social Return on Investment (SROI) forecast, undertaken on their annual investment in the Alcohol Education & Community Liaison Program (AECLP).

Community Development and Infrastructure Projects

Red Dust development projects have included the financial support, development and construction of sporting facilities including; basketball courts, swimming pools, community gardens and football grandstands.  

Red Dust have also created and produced a film showcasing stories from people in Kintore centred around ‘return to country’ as well as instructional sports coaching DVDs. These projects are always at the request of individual communities and require an extensive consultation process.

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