Telco Together supports, Australia's largest online youth mental health service that is accessed by more than 4,500 people every day. Their work enables young people to access help, 24 hours a day, wherever and whenever they need it, providing practical information, tools and support to young people for everyday troubles to really tough times. was established after research found that only 30% of the young people who need professional help with their mental health get any kind of help. They are working to combat this problem in a number of ways; 

ReachOut.Com has helped millions of young Australians get through tough times. With 1.4 million unique users accessing its online services each year, they aim to reduce the following statistics;

    • 1 in 4 young Australians live with a mental health difficulty

    • 75% of people with mental health difficulties will experience its onset by the age of 24

    • Suicide is the leading cause of death for young Australians aged 14-25 recognise that although targeting young people is crucial to achieving its mission, it is only one piece of a ‘whole of community’ approach, so they also provide other programs;

  • Support schools to foster resilience;

  • Support professionals to deliver relevant, accessible and appropriate clinical services for young people; 

  • Share expertise within and across sectors through research and consultancies to promote wellbeing.

Research: Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre

The Young and Well CRC promotes cybersafety, mental health and wellbeing through three complementary research programs mapped to specific groups of young people.  Launched in late 2011, the Young and Well CRC unites young people with researchers, practitioners, innovators and policy-makers from over 70 partner organisations. This is the first time that so many organisations from across the government, non-profit, academic and corporate sectors have come together so cohesively around a single issue: the use of technology and how it impacts on the mental health and wellbeing of young people.

Mental Health Industry

Providing leading research on Australia’s mental health system and its role in the economy. To date, they have released two reports revealing findings of significance to the country’s mental health system. 

Professionals Support

Providing recommendations and advice for youth support workers and education professionals working with young people. Professionals provides a range of online interventions, tools and resources that can be used to support young people experiencing mental health difficulties, building young people’s wellbeing and resilience

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