Telco Together supports Beacon Foundation, a national not for profit organisation dedicated to helping disadvantaged communities and those living in areas of high youth disengagement and unemployment. The Beacon Foundation takes a preventative approach to youth unemployment and the range of societal hardships that stem from it. 

About Beacon Foundation

Beacon believes that every young person deserves a chance. They work with schools, businesses and communities to help bring relevance to the curriculum, while inspiring young people to think about careers, skills and experience required for the workforce, long before they leave school.

Beacon’s school-based programs and innovative online site eBeacon provide an opportunity for local communities to connect with schools in low socio-economic areas and help them to create real world education and work experience, that is both relevant and engaging for young people. 

Beacon's work also tackles the complex area of breaking multi-generational unemployment and they will assist over 15,000 young Australians from just over 120 schools and communities in 2017.

There are a number of online volunteering opportunities available for people wanting to get involved. Click here to learn more.

About eBeacon

eBeacon extends the potential reach of Beacon's work into every school in Australia, by bringing a wide range of resources from outside communities to students in schools. These make schools more engaging and relevant, while preparing students to better navigate the more complex careers of the future. In 2017 Beacon will take the next step on its journey to REACH, CONNECT and INSPIRE more young Australians through eBeacon;


Beacon's vision is to have no barriers to REACH of the Beacon Model. They strive to strategically reduce educational inequity by allowing rural and remote communities to have the same access and opportunities as those communities in metropolitan areas. Beacon's ambition is to REACH;

  • All Australian Communities – Remote, Rural & Metropolitan

  • Corporate Australia

  • Australia’s workforce

  • All Young Australians

  • All Schools

  • And to go beyond Australia with a Global reach 


Connecting, interacting and effectively collaborating is at the heart of the Beacon Model which strives to facilitate sustainable local, regional, State, national and global networks. 

The Beacon Model will enhance the capacity of schools to provide a range of additional skills and resources to broaden experiences for young people. For example, bring the curriculum to life for students and teachers in an authentic way using Business Blackboard lesson plans. Teacher expertise is also augmented by authentically connecting with a community of business volunteers – Beacon Collaborators. 


The Beacon Model is comprised of a framework of activities, initiatives and programs that form the foundation for sustainable collaborative education to thrive through connections and networks. Inspiration results when connections are meaningful and impactful.  

The Beacon model's framework of components are designed to maximise inspiration for young people, the workforce, schools and communities. The inspirational activities, initiatives and programs within the Beacon Model fall into three categories;

  • Real World Curriculum
  • Work Exposure and Experience
  • Work Readiness, including mock interviews, confidence, and other transferable 21st Century skills



“The program that was run today in Maffra with Beacon was fabulous. I have been involved with vocational learning for 10 years and I can honestly say that it was the most productive and engaging session that I’ve seen our young people involved in, and the activities and information highly relevant”

Teacher at Maffra Secondary College, Victoria, after a HighImpact work readiness Program (HIP) held earlier this month

 “I’ve seen a lot of opportunities of jobs I can enter into in the future. It also made me prepared for the real world and understand life even more”.  

Student involved in a Queensland Site Tour

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