The Foundation is structured as a company limited by guarantee, acting as trustee of a Public Ancillary Fund (“PuAF”). This structure enables a wide mandate for fundraising from organisations, staff and customers, and allows the funds to be given to up to 20,000 charitable institutions in Australia. The Foundation has also been granted Deductible Gift Recipient status, enabling donations over $2 to be tax deductible and undergoes an annual audit by Deloitte Australia.

The Foundation's administration are covered by members, which allows 100% of all fundraising activities to go towards community programs supporting areas such as homelessness and food security, mental health, Indigenous communities and refugees.

Our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the primary governance body overseeing areas of fiduciary responsibility such as risk management & compliance, financial management & reporting, investment strategies, and organisational performance.

As required by the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936, a Company acting as trustee for a PuAF must have a Board of Directors consisting of a majority of ‘responsible persons’ – that is, persons who are considered to have a degree of responsibility to the community, because they perform a public function or they belong to a professional body. This may include doctors, judges, school principals, chartered accountants, or lawyers.

As such, the composition of the Board of Directors will be limited to a number and skill set that is appropriate to achieve efficient decision-making, whilst meeting the requirements of common law, tax law, good governance and statutory obligations.

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Our Advisory Board

The Advisory Board makes recommendations on the strategic direction of the Foundation by considering the fundraising and charitable funding initiatives submitted by the Foundation’s Executive. This will include considering the types of fundraising activities to be conducted by the Foundation and setting
of fundraising targets, as well as considering which partnership and grants programs should be supported.

The Advisory Board is chaired by Bob Mansfield, and consists of a number of experienced leaders from the telecommunications and not-for-profit sector. Invitations to join the Advisory Board  is made to Chief Executive Officers of our Premium Members (key telecommunications providers).

The Advisory Board will meet half-yearly to consider Foundation activities, as well as presentations from thought leaders on social issues being targeted by the Foundation. Recommendations from the Advisory Board will be passed to the Board of Directors to ensure compliance with the Constitution and other governance requirements. 

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