Telco Together is a member-based organisation working to develop community programs across the industry.


Telco Together creates a forum for the industry to discuss programs that leverage its reach, technology & expertise for the benefit of the wider community.  Examples of these programs that are still in development are:

  • PSMS donations - unlocking a new fundraising channel for charities;

  • Skilled volunteering - creating a platform for knowledge exchange; 

  • Apps4Change - providing information and a low-cost mobile app solution for charities.

Community Engagement Strategy

We work with  members on their community engagement  and corporate social responsibility strategies, and provide tools that can be used to bring those strategies to life.  These include:

  • workplace giving programs

  • team building activities with a community focus

  • community 'plug-in' to corporate events

All Foundation costs are funded by member donations, meaning that all funds raised through staff and customer programs go directly to our community partners.  

To become a member, simply email

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