The Foundation is a member-based organisation. Our members cover the Foundation's running costs so that funds raised through Telco Together activities and events can be used to support community programs supporting Australians in need. Members include Australian telecommunications service providers, uniting to increase the charitable contributions of the industry. 















Premium members make an annual donation of $50,000 or more per year. 

Supporting members make an annual donation of $10,000 or more per year.

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Our Friends & Benefactors

We have been fortunate to have the support of some fantastic individuals and organisations who have assisted with the Foundation establishment and continued growth.

They have donated their time, money and skills to making the Telco Together Foundation a success.

We are truly grateful for their support. 

Platinum Benefactors

  • Bowen Family Trust

  • Larry Kestelman

2016 Friends of the Foundation 













  • Geoff Horth
  • Scott Carter
  • Bevin Slattery
  • Boris Rozenvasser
  • Carolina Nunn
  • Darryl Inns
  • Frank Acland
  • James Anderson
  • Jordan Grives
  • Andrew Branson
  • Richard Branson
  • Peter Thornton
  • Alistair Carwardine
  • Grant Lee
  • Eric Wickstrum
  • Daniel Whitford
  • Jigar Shah
  • John Adgemis
  • Tim O'Sullivan
  • Gary Suefome
  • Claude Pinto
  • James Wills
  • Larry Kestelman
  • Philip Cornish
  • Rob Parcell
  • Marcello Barbaro
  • Steve Wicks
  • Graham Evans
  • Campbell Burns
  • John Loschiavo
  • Jeff Skeggs
  • Enrico Manuel Antonio
  • Adrian Catanzariti
  • Sachin Rathin
  • Peter Durning
  • Aaron Haydon
  • Stuart Lee
  • David Werdiger
  • David Fazio
  • Peter Durning
  • Ryan Thomspon
  • Andrew & Richard Branson
  • James Harb & Elie Ayoub
  • Rolf Bertchinger


Other Friends of the Foundation 




  • John Allerton
  • Brendan Fleiter
  • Michael Simmons
  • Dennis Basheer
  • Margaret Bowen
  • Michael Lennox
  • David Francis
  • Mark Alchi
  • John Hynd
  • Mauro De Girolamo
  • David Rampa
  • Barry Hamilton
  • Yoram Kalev
  • David Thodey
  • Mark Sheeran
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