The Telco Together Foundation is a unified platform enabling the telecommunications industry to make a significant social contribution within Australia.

Our two streams of work include;

  • Creating strategic community projects that build on telecommunications technology, reach and resources to support the community.

  • Promoting community engagement through the industry by increasing social awareness and creating more opportunities for volunteering, fundraising and workplace giving programs.

As an industry with annual revenues of $40 billion and over 25 million bills being distributed monthly, telcos are in a unique position of having direct communication with almost every business and consumer in Australia every month. By taking advantage of these characteristics, as well as the 70,000+ staff employed by the industry, we have the opportunity to create a massive vehicle for social change.

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Our Members

Our members are key to our success, by covering our administration costs so that funds raised go to Australians in need.


Our People

The Foundation is driven by passionate leaders from within the telecommunications and not-for-profit sectors.


Our structure

As a Public Ancillary Fund, we have a wide mandate for fundraising and giving.


How We Help

We promote volunteering and fundraising across the industry and support Australian charities through community projects.


Who We Help

We support areas including homelessness, mental health, refugees and Indigenous communities as well as the Australian charity sector.